Benefits Of Moringa

Moringa benefits
Moringa Oleifera is a plant that has been widely researched by medical experts due to its exceptional medicinal value. The plant is native to Northern India, Asia, and Africa. Moringa is believed to have been used for centuries to treat various medical conditions.
Today, Moringa is one of the ingredients that are extensively used in folk medicine for treating a range of medical conditions and in the cosmetic industry. Every part of this plant, including leaves, seeds, flowers, and roots, is believed to have some medicinal properties.

What Does Moringa Contain?

Moringa is rich in many healthful compounds. It has many essential vitamins and minerals useful to the body. Do you know that a Moringa leaf has 15 times more potassium than a banana and 7 times more vitamin C than oranges? Well, that’s how nutritious this plant is. The moringa leaf is simply a superfood.

In addition to these minerals, the plant is rich in calcium, iron, amino acids, and proteins. Moringa leaves are also packed with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, substances that help the body to get rid of toxins and free radicals. With such incredible properties, it’s no wonder that oil from the moringa plant as well as moringa powders and supplements are popular with those looking to improve their health. 

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Benefits of Moringa

Due to its rich nutritional value, Moringa is believed to have numerous benefits to humans. The plant has a range of uses. It can be used as a medicine to prevent and treat diseases. It is also widely used in the cosmetic industry. So, what are the benefits of moringa oleifera? Here are some of the major benefits of Moringa:

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One major benefit of Moringa is the prevention and treatment of cancer. Cancer is believed to be caused by free radicals molecules produced by the body when food is broken down. Free radicals can also enter your body when you are exposed to radiation or smoking. They are unstable molecules that cause cell damages, which results in cancer.
Due to its high concentration of powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, Moringa Extract help the body to fight free radical. It works by neutralising and flushing these molecules out of the body to prevent cancer and improve your health. For the cancer patients, m o r i n g a plant also contains niazimicin, a compound that suppresses the growth of cancer cells.
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Protects Your Liver

Apart from being one of the largest organs, the liver is the main body’s detoxifier. It helps to filter blood, metabolise fat, and detoxify chemicals. So when your body is experience oxidative stress, the liver will be the organ working hard to get rid of free radicals in the body. Moringa may help the liver in several ways.
First, the extract helps the liver to function better. It contains a high concentration of polyphenols which helps to reverse oxidation in the liver. It also protects the liver from damages caused by anti-tubercular drugs. In the case of liver damages, Moringa leaves extract will quickening the repair process.

Helps Stomach Disorders and Issues

Stomach disorders are common and have different types of treatment. But with moringa extract, you can treat most of these diseases without fear of harmful side effects brought about by contemporary medicines. From constipation, ulcerative colitis to gastritis, Moringa leaf extract can treat all these disorders.
moringa helps stomach issues
The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of this plant inhibits the growth of pathogens that causes stomach diseases. The plant is also rich in vitamin B and calcium, which helps to improve the digestive system. Do you know that Moringa Oleifera contains 24% fibre? Well, fibre is crucial for a healthy digestive tract.

Protects and Nourish Skin and Hair

Moringa is widely used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacturing of various products. With its rich nutritional value, it is used as one of the main ingredients for nourishing and protecting hair and skin. The moringa oleifera oil protects skin and hair against free radicals. These are destructive components that cause damages to the skin and hair, including hair breakage and rough skin. The oil is rich in antioxidant and detoxification. Its leaves are also rich in proteins, which is an essential nourishing nutrient for healthy hair and skin.

Edema Condition Treatment

Treating edema is another benefit moringa powder offers. Edema is a medical condition that happens when excess fluid stays within the body tissues. The condition mostly occurs in the skin, especially around the legs, hands, and ankles. The symptoms include painful swelling and puffiness of the affected areas. However, edema can also affect other parts of the eyes, including the brain, bowel, lungs, and eye. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of moringa, it can help prevent edema from developing.
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Treatment af Diabetes Condition

Treating blood sugar is one of the health benefits of this plant. Diabetes is one of the dangerous lifestyle diseases across the globe. With no known cure for this disease, the patient has to rely on injected insulin is to maintain their blood sugar at a healthy level. But adding moringa leaf powder to your diet may help lowering blood sugar you treat diabetes by. Studies have shown that Moringa leaves extract helps to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. So, blood sugar patients should seek advice from the doctor on to add Moringa Oleifera in their diet.

Healthier Bones

Healthy bones best health benefits of moringa powder. Your skeletal structure health is crucial for your overall health. You need strong and healthy bones, your muscles and other parts of the body to function properly. Moringa is rich is in some of the crucial nutrients needed to keep the bones strong and healthy. The plant extract is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin K and phosphorous, which are crucial for healthy bones. In addition to that, Moringa’s anti-inflammatory properties help to treat conditions such as arthritis and may also heal damaged bones.

Boosts Immunity

This is probably one of the best health benefits this plant has to the body. Moringa powder has super immune-boosting properties that help to keep you healthier. A properly functioning immune system helps the body to fight infection and all other illnesses. Moringa Oleifera leaves are rich in iron and vitamin, which are essential for a normally functioning immunity. Muscle Growth

Muscle Growth

Moringa oleifera leaves are almost 25% protein. This is a very high and unusual protein level for a plant. With protein being one of the crucial nutrients for muscle growth, then extract from this plant can help in muscle growth. Studies have shown that Moringa powder has 9 essential amino acids, making it an ideal source of protein for muscle growth. If you are vegan and looking for ways to boost your protein intake, add Moringa to your diet.
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Reducing Stress Levels

One of the major health benefits this plant offers is treating stress. Moringa leaves extract is one of the best anti-stress. Studies have shown that moringa leaves extract help reduce stress. They are a powerful, natural adaptogen that protects the body from the toxic stress effect. Taking extract from this plant may help to treat stress-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Protection of Cardiovascular System

Another big benefit of Moringa is protecting your cardiovascular system. Free radicals in the body are the major causes of cardiovascular system disorders. But with the powerful antioxidant properties, moringa extract can prevent cardiac damage. Adding leaves, roots or the recommended part to your diet will enable you to get rid of bad cholesterol in the cardiovascular system. It will also improve your heart health.

Balancing Hormones

Reaching menopause can throw your hormones out of whack. You find yourself unable to control your mood and other hormone-related conditions. But adding Moringa to your diet may help you. Studies have shown that women who take Moringa leaf powder for at least three months showed decreased oxidative stress and increased haemoglobin levels, which are crucial in balancing hormones. Moringa oleifera is also linked to improved thyroid health, which is the organ that controls hormones.

Offers Protection Against Kidney Disorders

Kidney stones disorder is a big problem across the world, but it can be that can be prevented by ingesting moringa leaf extract. The major cause of stones in kidney free radicals molecules in the body plus other toxins. With its high antioxidant and detox properties, the plant extracts can prevent kidney stones and other related disorders.
moringa to fight kidney problems

Reduction of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the dangerous silent disorders. The disorder is caused by a build-up of compounds inside the artery walls. With artery wall thickening, the heart is forced to pump harder, and that’s what causes high blood pressure. Moringa powder contains niaziminin and othiocynate, which are compounds that prevent the build-up compound inside the artery walls.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Moringa?

If you are planning to take Moringa, it is advised that you discuss with your doctor first. That’s because there are a few side effects of moringa that have been reported. Moringa powder may contain anti-fertility properties and thus not recommended for pregnant mothers due to the risk of a miscarriage. The plant also contains alkaloids, compounds that could lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. The plant extract may have laxative properties if taken in large quantities. So, it can cause gaseous distension, heartburn, and stomach upset.

How Much Moringa Should I Take?

At this time, there is no enough scientific information on the exact dosage for Moringa. However, the appropriate dose is determined by several factors, including the age and severity of the condition. If you are buying supplements, you must follow directions as provided by the product label or consult your pharmacist before use.

How Many Diseases Can Moringa Treat?

Moringa has numerous medicinal properties, and that’s why it can treat and cure a vast range of diseases, including diabetes and even cancer. It is believed that the plant extract can cure 300 diseases. Other conditions that Moringa Oleifera can cure herpes, depression, asthma, and lupus, among others.

moringa cures diseases

Can Moringa Reduce Belly Fat?

The answer is yes. Moringa Oleifera powder has been suggested to help lose weight. From the various studies that have been done on the plant extract, it has been shown that Moringa powder can reduce the formation of fat and an increase in fat breakdown. That’s how you lose weight by ingesting this plant or its products.
Moringa Oleifera is not just medicinal purposes, but it’s also a superfood. The plant is packed with powerful nutrients and has numerous Moringa benefits that can be backed up by research. However, it is yet to be put in controlled use as a medicine or supplement. Due to the few side effects, it is advised that you discuss it with your doctor before use.

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