Moringa and Immune System Against Herpes

Moringa powder

Herpes simplex viruses, comprising HSV-1 and HSV-2, are pervasive pathogens responsible for a range of conditions, from oral and genital herpes to more severe complications such as encephalitis. HSV-1 primarily causes oral herpes, leading to cold sores or fever blisters, while HSV-2 is more often associated with genital herpes. Transmission occurs through direct contact with […]

All About The Moringa Stenopetala Tree

moringa stenopetala tree

The Moringa is a very special tree that has been used for many healing remedies throughout time. Packed with vitamins and minerals, the seeds and leaves are a beneficial source of daily nutrition. The seeds also have cleansing properties to purify water. This miracle plant could bring positive, drastic change to the world or your […]

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds

how to germinate moringa seeds

Germinating any kind of seed has potential to reap many rich benefits. This is especially true for the seedlings of all species of Moringaceae trees. Knowing how to germinate Moringa seeds could bring healing, financial support, and fortifying nutrients to your family and community. Preparing Moringa seeds for planting is not a difficult process, yet […]