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July 27, 2020

Moringa For Weight Loss

how to use moringa powder for weight loss
How To Use Moringa For Weight Loss Step-by-Step 1

Brendan McCann

Your Guide for this review today is Accredited Exercise Physiologist Brendan McCann.

There are countless moringa weight loss and moringa testimonials and articles floating around linking moringa and weight loss. Given the huge range of benefits moringa offers, it’s not surprising that people are interested to hear if this wonder plant’s capabilities extend to slimming too.

So, does moringa work for weight loss? And if so, exactly how does moringa help you lose weight? Below we’ve spelled out all of the moringa benefits for weight loss, and tried to address not only the question is moringa good for weight loss, but explain why, and more importantly how exactly it can be used to help you in the battle of the bulge. 

Can Moringa Help You Lose Weight?

Certainly, if you read the positive moringa weight loss reviews, it would seem that anecdotally at least there is a body of evidence to suggest that yes, there’s many reasons to use moringa for weight loss. Not all of the moringa weight loss stories we hear are positive though, and we’ve even had people asking us, can moringa cause weight gain? 

Well, in our experience, moringa weight gain is certainly rare, and there is enough information out there to suggest that this idea may be rooted (excuse the pun) in incorrect usage. So, this article hopes to explain exactly how and why moringa oleifera weight loss is possible, how it’s possible, and the pitfalls to avoid to get the best out of this wonder herb.

Scientific Studies

There are multiple studies suggesting that using moringa for weight loss has a positive correlation. One such study was the “Efficacy and tolerability of a novel herbal formulation for weight management in obese subjects” study that tested 50 obese people on the same diet and exercise schedule. Participants taking a 900mg supplement containing moringa, turmeric, and curry lost 10.6 pounds (4.8kg) while the placebo group recorded a loss of 4 pounds (1.8kg).

Also worth mentioning is this larger study:

Efficacy of a novel herbal formulation for weight loss demonstrated in a 16-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with healthy overweight adults

This study was conducted over a longer period with a larger test group, randomizing which overweight participants received the sa Over the 16 week period, those given the supplement lost 11.9 pounds (5.4kg) compared with only 2 pounds (0.9kg) in the placebo group me supplement as the study above or a placebo.

Because this wasn’t an isolated test of moringa oleifera, it can’t be definitely attributed to moringa alone, so more testing is required. A good idea would be to include all three of these herbs in your diet for maximum efficacy.

Putting to one side for now the moringa oleifera weight loss reviews, speculation, and naysaying, we’ve included below some practical advice and facts about moringa weight loss.


How Does Moringa Help With Weight Loss?

moringa powder helps reducing cravings

Reduce Cravings

Moringa is packed full of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, iron, and proteins, so much so that it out ranks some of the biggest hitters in the nutrient game; beating oranges for vitamin C and even out-ironing spinach. 

If your body is already nourished with these essential nutrients and minerals, you are less likely to crave food to replace them. Because that’s what food cravings are – your body telling you that something is missing. So a wonder food like moringa can help to stop these, helping you eat less. 

It’s also thought to regulate blood sugar levels, so more importantly you are less likely to be craving junk foods, full of fat, salt, and most of all, sugar. This is one of the key reasons why with moringa powder weight loss is so much easier.

Helps With Water Retention

There are reports of moringa helping the body to retain less water, in part due to its magical anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to relieve the feeling of bloating, and can be of huge benefit for people who have a tendency to retain water.

Speeds The Metabolism

The rich mix of vitamins, minerals and fibres found in moringa helps to stimulate the metabolism, helping the body burn calories faster and digest food better. This is why people who use moringa lose weight quicker than those who don’t. Moringa combined with a healthy diet should mean that not only are you burning more calories (which might otherwise turn to fat), but that you are getting the best out of your food as well. 

Moringa Products For Weight Loss

Moringa Weight Loss Tea

One of the most popular options for customers is using moringa tea for weight loss. Many people have reported positive results using this method, which is probably why many people are now calling moringa tea the weight loss tea. 

If you’re thinking of drinking moringa tea, weight loss might not be your only concern, however. Pure moringa tea has a very “green” and earthy flavour, similar to the taste of nettle tea. For many people, this taste is not particularly desirable, and there is a temptation to sweeten it with honey or sugar. Of course, this is not ideal if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Luckily, there are many other flavors that pair well with moringa which you can use to brew something a little more palatable. It pairs well with green tea, mint, and even turmeric, another of the most praised superfoods today, for a super healthy brew. 

Brewing the tea is simple: just steep the moringa powder (or fresh leaves) in hot water, and add any other fresh ingredients you wish. Alternatively, there are some quality tea products like the ones below if you’re after the convenience of prepacked tea bags. Bear in mind, these are usually less potent than straight powder, leaves and supplements.

Moringa Pills & Capsules For Weight Loss

One of the reasons it can be hard to find moringa leaves weight loss reviews is the sheer volume of people using pills instead for this purpose. There are many moringa pills for weight loss available on the market, and as you might have guessed, they’re super easy to use! Moringa pills weight loss properties again are not proven, however many people report that by using moringa capsules; weight loss was encouraged, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle of course. 

To find out how to take moringa capsules for weight loss exactly, dosages and recommended amounts, you can check the packaging of whichever supplement you chose.

if you prefer the convenience of capsules be sure to check out our product review guide for moringa supplements for in-depth reviews of our favorite products.

How to Use Moringa Powder to Lose Weight

There are many different recipes and techniques addressing the use of moringa powder and weight loss. We have already covered tea (the most common way of using moringa powder for weight loss), but below we’ve included a few more suggestions in case tea’s just not your thing. 

Stir it into your water:

If you prefer a cold brew, you can simply mix with water and gulp it down. Maybe not the tastiest method, but in a small glass, a shot of moringa followed is a quick and easy way of getting all that goodness straight into your system, and given your taking nothing else on board, this could be how to use moringa powder to lose weight most effectively. 

Sprinkle it into your soup:

Soups, made correctly, can be delicious and super low calorie. So if you want to know how to use moringa powder to lose weight whilst also enjoying a delicious meal, this could well be the approach for you. Simply sprinkle the powder in at the end when the soup has cooled a little, and voila – a simple, tasty, weight loss soup.

weight loss exercise

Upgrade your Guacamole:

An extension on the idea above, combining moringa with another delicious and healthy snack is a great way to use moringa powder to lose weight, whilst still enjoying your favorite foods. The avocado provides an added antioxidant boost, and served on brown toast rich in fiber this is super healthy way to start the day. 

Put it in Your Salad Dressing:

Ok, I admit it: I’ve read this in so many moringa powder weight loss reviews, and this obviously makes so much sense that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself. Salad + Moringa = great health food. Simple as that (so long as you don’t cheat and opt for the Caesar dressing).

How Do Moringa Seeds Help With Weight Loss?

There are many stories about the moringa seed and weight loss. People who have used moringa seed for weight loss swear by it, but it has taken science a little while to catch up and answer exactly why.

It seems the answer lies in the fact that the moringa seed contains oleic acid, which encourages the breakdown of saturated fats in the body. And we all know what saturated fats do: they remain in the body, as the human metabolism struggles to effectively rid itself of them. So, if you use moringa seeds for weight loss and they work, now you know why.

moringa seeds help with weight loss

Moringa Juice For Weight Loss

Using a moringa drink for weight loss is easily the most common method used by those looking to shift a few pounds. By combining Moringa with other super healthy ingredients, you can create a nutrient packed drink which is not only delicious and healthy, but easily absorbed by the gut, meaning you retain all of the moringa goodness. 

There are of course many different combinations you can use, but below we’ve included a super simple recipe for malunggay juice for weight loss. In ours we use banana, as it is rich in potassium and also complements the earthy taste of the Moringa leaf, but you can add any combination of fruit you wish. Personally, I started drinking my moringa smoothie for weight loss, but now I drink it as much for the flavour as anything else!

Recipe For Moringa Smoothie: 

Simply add the fresh leaves, banana and your choice of non dairy milk to a blender, whizz, and serve. If you are using powder, it’s a good idea to dissolve it in water first to make a moringa shot, then add this once the other ingredients are blended. The Herbal Goodness Extract is perfect for smoothies or juices if you want a less earthy taste that comes with the leaves and some powders.

How To Use Moringa For Weight Loss Step-by-Step 16

Herbal Goodness Moringa Leaf Extract



Lose weight with moringa smoothie

Hopefully if you’d been wondering if moringa does help you lose weight, by now you’re convinced. What’s more, you now know exactly how to take moringa powder for weight loss (as well as the fresh leaves and seeds). If you’re looking to shift some weight, why not try incorporating moringa into your weight loss regimen? 

How To Use Moringa For Weight Loss Step-by-Step 1

Brendan McCann

I'm an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies). AEP ESSAM. Through my work I see the effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices on the body on a daily basis. Nutrition & exercise play such an important role in living a healthy life daily! Health care tip: Exercise shouldn’t be a chore- Make it fun!