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October 21, 2020

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders 1

Brendan McCann

Your Guide for this review today is Accredited Exercise Physiologist Brendan McCann.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous plant. Probably if you’re reading this, you don’t need us to tell you that it is one of the most incredible plants on the planet. It’s so packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, and has so many incredible properties like healing, weight loss, Breastfeeding
..etc, we wouldn’t have space in this article to list them all anyway.

Even if you are already convinced, as we are, of the incredible benefits of this special little tree, it’s totally understandable that you may still be a little confused as to what moringa is the best or where to find out more moringa information. With such an array of powder and capsule options on the market today, knowing which is the best moringa is obviously not going to be easy. And even then you need to work out actually who sells the best moringa powder! In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & narrowed down the best moringa oleifera powders on the market right now.

Organic IndiaMoringa Powder

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders 2

Our top choice of all moringa supplements available on the market is Organic India’s Moringa Powder. Matcha-like, with minimal bitterness: it really is one of the tastiest powders available! Add to that the fact it is 100% organic and non GMO, Raw, and is shade dried (as preferred to freeze-dried), means it ticks all the boxes.

The powder is our favourite as it has a great taste, which works perfectly in food and drinks. The closest match comparison would be matcha, and the vibrant green color only adds to the feel. Organic India Moringa Leaf Powder is not only delicious; you can be sure your product is ethically sourced, and brought to you by someone with a genuine passion for this super shrub.  



Kuli Kuli Pure Moringa Powder

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders 3

Kuli Kuli have made sure that their supply chain is not only super easy to audit but 100% fair to the growers of this miracle plant . They only use moringa plants that are hand harvested and are processed at low temperatures to preserve their natural vitamins and minerals. So, you can be pretty sure you’re looking at a company with a strong and fair ethical compass, and a thoroughly audited supply chain, which are two big ticks on our checklist. They have partnered with over 1000 farmers from Ghana, Haiti, and Nicaragua, providing over $1M in come to women led co-ops, non-profits, and family farms!

But how does it taste? In short, pretty pleasant, but does have a mild bitterness towards the end. Not bad at all, but not the tastiest powder we’ve tried. The only major criticism I can make is that it’s not as finely ground as the other powders, which unfortunately means that it refuses to fully dissolve in water resulting in a slightly powdery texture. Although not in anyway unpleasant, it is notable that more finely ground powders manage to avoid this small pitfall. But this is only a minor point.

Overall, especially with their ethical credentials, Kuli Kuli have a fine (although not fine enough!) product here. Kuli Kuli understands how valuable this plant is to the human body, which is why their Moringa Whole Leaf Powder is raw, vegan, and free of GMOs, and I have read that they try not to overgrind their powder for the same reason: so, for the experienced moringa drinker who perhaps favors benefits and ethics over flavor, this could well be the choice for you.



Integrity Foods™ Moringa Leaf Powder

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders 4

Integrity Foods Moringa Leaf Powder, like most moringa products is a nutrient packed powerhouse. Now you might be thinking, so what? As all moringa products could make a similar claim, surely? Well, perhaps not: the quality of the moringa used can have a real impact on the quality of the final product. And besides, all of this is of little use whatsoever if you can’t drink the stuff. And it’s here that Integrity Foods moringa wins the day: not only ethically sourced and grown to the highest quality from trusted suppliers, but it is one of the best tasting moringa supplements (IMHO) on the market.

This means that not only can it be blended easily into your smoothies, but it can be added to many dishes. The first thing you notice about Integrity Foods Moringa Leaf Powder is the bright green color and no hint of brown: similar to matcha. And the smell and flavor are similar: very subtle, grassy, herby, with no bitterness on the nose. It tasted subtle, herbal and matcha-like, with minimal bitterness: it really is one of the tastiest powders available!

Add to that the fact it is 100% organic and non GMO, Raw, and made in an FDA approved facility, to strict GMP guidelines, and you’re looking at a really great all rounder. This would be an ideal starter for someone trying moringa too, as it’s so fresh, vibrant, and neither bitter nor grassy in flavour. A very enticing product! 



Sunny Green Moringa Leaf Powder

Although not a great choice for those uninitiated with Moringa, Sunny Green Moringa Leaf Powder is an excellent choice for those who actually crave, the raw, earthy quality of 100% naturally grown organic moringa. The smell is pretty pungent, grassy, and herby, and could be a turn off to some: whereas others will just see this as proof of its quality and authenticity. With a sweet flavor at first, it has a bitter and even spicy quality on the back end, meaning it is a more complex ingredient to work with, although ultimately maybe more rewarding. 

Of course, their ethical, fair trade and GM credentials are solid. The product is USDA Certified, and is fairly traded, with no added fillers, binders and no artificial ingredients. This is 100% natural, organically grown and hand harvested moringa. Naturally Processed by a Certified Company. So for those who love the natural flavor of moringa, or perhaps if you’re more concerned with the ethics than the taste, this is a great choice!



MRM Raw Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

According to the brand themselves, ‘MRM’s staff of highly trained professionals are committed and passionate about the development of innovative nutritional supplements that reflect sound, clinical experimental data collection, interpretation and application’. But what does that mean exactly? Well, to us it reflects perhaps a less ‘hippy’ mentality than many producers, but a more scientific approach needn’t be a bad thing. And that’s to say that they don’t have the same ethical credentials as other brands: in fact, they trump many of the major brands on this level also, and these guys use the highest quality ingredients, verified by a third party to boot. Their product is also Non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and vegan. So why then, you might think, is this product not topping the list? 

Well, the only real drawback is the flavor. Although not bad per se, with all the characteristics you expect from moringa; earthy, grassy, and with notes of matcha, but this is one of the more bitter tasting powders on the market. The color is also slightly less appealing than other brands. However, if you’re into the health benefits over the flavor when it comes to moringa, and you want a product you know is 100% ethically grown and sourced, you shouldn’t let this put you off: the scientific approach makes this one of the more nutrient packed products, and if you’re used to the flavor of moringa the bitterness shouldn’t put you off. 



Essential Living Moringa Spirulina Blend

Essential Living Foods are one of the leading names in the health food game and offer a range of healthfood products, and so we were expecting them to make a pretty good product: and they didn’t disappoint. Organic, and non-GMO as you would expect from a seasoned producer of health foods and supplements. However, it does seem to be a bit of a middle-of-the-road moringa, probably as it is a blend with spirulina: not so green, with a kind of offensive starting but slightly bland and neutral flavor. So, overall not a bad product, just lacking perhaps in the wow factor of some of the brands above. However, if you’re looking for a powder brand that blends and doesn’t take over the flavour of your smoothie, this could actually be a perfect match for you. 

It is ethically sourced and fair trade, so a few big ticks there. With all the amazing health benefits of moringa and spirulina of course, and at a very reasonable price, Essential Living Foods is a good match for those who want moringa goodness, but perhaps not an overbearing moringa flavour.



Feel Good Organics Moringa Leaf Powder

Feel Good Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is an 100% organic moringa leaf powder, and the most noticeable and obvious difference to the other products on our list? This is delivered in a 4oz resealable bag, which immediately boosts their environmental cred. It is sourced and imported from India, and nothing is added from this stage – so you know you’re getting 100% USDA certified organic Indian moringa powder every time. Not bad, huh? SO why so far down the list? 

Well, although this is a good powder, in our opinion this is a little overpriced, and simply put, some of the powders above just have a little more to offer. The flavour is not so intense, without the pleasant matcha tea flavour and appearance of other brands above. Although by no means unpleasant, it simply didn’t ‘wow’ us in the way some others did.



Global Moringa - Moringa Powder

100% Organic, and grown and sold right out of Ghana, meaning more money makes it to the growers, Global Moringa powder has a lot to offer on production and ethics. In fact, the flavour’s pretty good too: the only problem is the texture. As the powder is not very finely ground, any drink made with this has a gritty consistency that wasn’t for us. However, it is one of the more affordable powders on the market. 

Ethically grown and sold straight out of ghana, you can be sure that this product is not only 100% organic, but also that your money isn’t being passed down a long chain of suppliers before the last few penny’s only get to the supplier: this is a local business, and you can be sure the growers receive a fair price. So, for the experience moringa user, especially one who really cares about the ethics of the food they eat, this is an excellent choice, but those who aren’t so well versed maybe better left until you’ve developed a real taste for the good stuff!



Organic Traditions Moringa Leaf Powder

Organic Traditions Moringa leaf powder is created using fresh Moringa leaves that are sun dried and ground into a fine powder with no fillers, flavors, sweeteners or excipients added. It has a pleasant, green taste that is similar to wheat grass. Their website boastes that the product is sustainably grown and harvested, an excellent source of calcium (dur!), kosher, 100% vegan and raw. There are also no binders or excipients added.

It also appears they have put a lot of effort into finding suppliers and supporting farmers who are dedicated to the principles of sustainable and fair trade agriculture, so no worries regarding the supply chain. So, how does it taste? Well, actually pretty good, with a sweet, matcha-like flavour, but unfortunately, not as vibrant and tasty as some of the other entries on this list. But all round, still a great choice, and although one of the more expensive products on the market, if you want a company with strong ethics then these guys could be worth a try. 



Herbal Goodness Moringa Leaf Extract

Now I know what you’re thinking – Why did I include a juice in the powders. Well it’s simple really, this is the perfect moringa product for when you don’t have time to go full smoothie. Just drink a spoon of it straight and get on your way!

Herbal Goodness is Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, and Women-Owned. So, a pretty good start, then add the fact they support women’s education projects in Africa and it gets a few extra ticks in my book. Coming in around the middle of the price range, it is relatively affordable, and a nice little bonus to perhaps test out if you’re new to moringa or just want to expand your options for all occasions.

Of course, it boasts all of the many and varied health benefits of moringa: a nutritionally complex green superfood that simultaneously nourishes and detoxifies the body, providing all nine essential amino acids, a dizzying array of vitamins and minerals, alkalizing, energizing, detoxifying, immune-boosting, and stress relieving properties. I can drink it straight, but you may want to at least mix it in with some water, the taste is gentle enough without in my opinion.

Herbal Goodness Moringa Leaf Extract also comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee which is a nice addition, but you won’t need it. A great way to break up the powdered smoothies



Moringa Oleifera Powders Buyers Guide

Choosing the best moringa powder is much like choosing the best vegetable powder: by looking at how it’s produced, where it’s produced, and how to actually test the quality of moringa, you can make an informed choice and work out what is the best moringa to buy.

And that’s why we wrote this article: to empower you with the knowledge to choose the best brand of moringa for you. Whether you’re looking for the best powder for weight loss , the best moringa capsules for wellbeing, or simply the best moringa supplement of all, read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know to make the best choice possible.

Is All Moringa The Same?

In short, no. Depending on where it is produced, how it is produced, and how it is processed, you will see variations in the levels of different nutrients. The relative levels of nutrients in the plant can vary depending on a huge number of factors. The conditions the moringa is grown in, and the techniques used to process the plant in order to produce the powder, will both impact the balance of minerals. Even pollution levels in the local area can have an effect. Below we’ve looked at a few key things to keep in mind when assessing the quality of moringa.

Testing And Measuring Quality Of Moringa

Nutrient Levels

In order to properly assess who makes the best Moringa, it’s important to understand first how to evaluate the quality of both the moringa plant itself and the extracts taken from it. It’s also good to remember that the best moringa oleifera any for one purpose (i.e. weight loss) might actually be the best moringa to buy for a different use, as the levels of the many and various minerals, vitamins and nutrients in one product may be higher or lower relative to each other. 

The techniques used to measure the levels of the different elements in Moringa are different depending on what the scientists are looking for. To test vitamin levels, a technique called chromatography is used to determine what vitamins are present in certain foods. To measure other minerals and detect the presence of heavy metals, a sample will be bombarded with electrons, and the scientist will be able to determine the presence and amount of minerals in the sample by assessing the reflections with a spectrometer. 

However, many products will simply use stock data, which will be an average based on analysis by organisations such as the USDA. If this is the case, this should be stated clearly alongside the data on the packaging. If you wish to test for yourself the levels of vitamins in your moringa, there are also home kits available which allow you to conduct your own tests.

What Are You Using It For?

To assess for yourself what is the best moringa product, you need to establish first exactly what you need it for, and what you hope to gain from taking it. Then you need to identify the minerals that are important to you and look for the highest relative levels of this nutrient. Some brands of moringa, for example, will be richer in iron, but have less vitamin C, making them perfect for people with an iron deficiency but less good for someone who is looking to boost their antioxidant levels. Although these differences are subtle, to find the best product for you they are important to bear in mind. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some brands are just flat out better – they have more nutrients per 100g than inferior brands. 

Most brands of moringa will come with detailed breakdowns of the exact levels per 100g of all key nutrients contained in the powder. Checking this information, which scientists have already slaved over for your benefit, is absolutely crucial before making your choice. Evaluating this relative to your specific needs also means you will not necessarily choose the overall best quality moringa, but also best moringa brand for you. 

Does It Matter Where Moringa Is Grown?

The Moringa plant, depending on your outlook, is either a wonder plant which is remarkably easy to cultivate, or an aggressive invasive species. Either way, what cannot be contested is that it is extremely hardy, fast-growing, and as it is native to dry, hot climates, requires very little water to cultivate. Because of this, Moringa is either naturally occurring or commercially grown all the way around the globe. The biggest producers are India and Africa, where it grows right across the continent, but it is found all across South Asia and Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Indonesia, and various countries in Oceania. It is also naturally occurring in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as the northern countries of South America, and is now being cultivated on the islands of Hawaii, for commercial distribution in the United States. 

A study conducted by The National Center for Biotechnology Information into the geographic variations of nutrient properties of the moringa tree found that many factors can affect the nutrient levels in moringa. As expected, variations in the mineral make up of soil in different regions of the globe can affect the mineral levels in the plant itself. But further to this, it was found that many different climatic and environmental factors can have a big impact. 

Using data from a large study of naturally occurring moringa in Ethiopia, they found that the altitude the tree was grown at, the quality of soil, and many seasonal factors had a large effect on the balance of nutrients in the plant. In term of the naturally occurring plants, they state that overall the highest levels of nutrients overall were found in those trees grown in Ethiopia and Kenya. However, with modern farming techniques able to effectively mimic and even improve upon the conditions where the most ‘potent’ Moringa is found, it is true that commercially produced moringa from nearly anywhere can now meet or even exceed the levels found in these plants. India has been commercially producing the plant for longer than any other country, meaning that the level of expertise and knowledge is potentially higher here than anyway else, which leads some to argue that Indian moringa is the highest quality available. 

However, given that it is certainly possible to tweak the production technique in order to rebalance the nutrient makeup of the final product. Bearing in mind that modern farming techniques can effectively mimic nearly any climate, it is impossible to say where exactly the best moringa is grown. However, if you prefer your products to be organic (we’ll discuss this in a second), you might want to opt for a more natural approach. 

Researching the product you are looking at thoroughly is still important. A good quality brand will have taken care to ensure that their plant is produced in an area free from any environmental factors that could be potentially harmful, and should thoroughly vet the farmers and producers from whom they source their product. 
So to answer the question, exactly where in the globe your moringa is sourced form is important to some degree, but it is hard to say where the best moringa variety is grown. With the huge advances made in farming and biological sciences over the past few decades, it is more than possible to produce high-quality moringa in many different locations.

Supply Chain And Checks

What’s more important is to know that the brand you choose take proper care when sourcing the plants they use. They should also have information available for you to see to that shows they have properly checked the drying and processing of the plant into powder, as this is crucial in making sure the maximum amount of nutrients are retained. Of course, this information will be reflected also in the nutritional information. The companies producing the best moringa oleifera product will normally offer this information on their websites, so you can be sure the moringa you are using is properly sourced, and processed. 

So knowing where the plant is grown and how it is processed then, becomes a decisive factor in evaluating which is the best choice for you. The best quality moringa powder will come from the best plants. Doing your research is crucial. Normally the information on the packet or product page online should reflect this. If it does not, you should look elsewhere.

Organic Moringa Or Not, Is It Important?

Like any plant product, some moringa on sale today will have been produced using non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. Again, like with any other plant, these crops will grow faster, taller and ultimately produce a higher yield crop which is more profitable for the farmer.

However, is it better for you, the consumer? In the case of moringa, there is little research regarding the relative benefits of organic vs non-organic. However, based on what we know about organic foods in general, it is our opinion that organic is the best form of moringa. As it is grown without artificial pesticides, fertilisers and all the rest, there is a much lower chance of any pollutants or unwanted material being absorbed by the plant and then into your body. And, as moringa grows easily across so much of the world, there is plenty of naturally grown moringa available. The best organic moringa powder brands will normally have plenty of information available about how their product is sourced, and will definitely state whether or not their product is organic.

What’s The Best Brand Of Moringa?

With all of the above in mind, selecting the best moringa brand for you should hopefully be simplified. We’ve covered how to identify the best source of moringa, and now you need to work out the best moringa product for you. With powder, tea, and pills and capsules all produced from the powder, figuring out what is the best moringa oleifera to buy should be easy, right?

Well, depending on the product exactly, you might find that there are some small differences in how and why you may select one brand over another, and especially dependent on what you actually intend to use the moringa for, and what you are looking to achieve. Below we have listed the main moringa products and broken down what you should be looking for, where you should be looking for it, and why.

Best Moringa Powder Brand

So, the million dollar question: what is the best Moringa powder to buy? As we stated above, not all moringa is equal, and what’s more, the best moringa powder to buy for you might be different for someone else, depending on what you intend to use it for.

Of course many companies will claim the best moringa powder, but the best moringa powder brands will be able to back up these claims. How? Well, as we stated above, they should have detailed nutritional analysis, and ideally will have had their product tested independently, rather than relying on stock data which tells you nothing specifically about their product, but only gives averages for moringa worldwide.

The best moringa leaf powder brand will also have detailed information available on how their product is sourced and processed, and ideally the condition under which it is grown. This is especially important if you are looking for the best organic moringa leaf powder. Once you have determined whether or not you trust the information available, then you must remember that the best brand of moringa powder for you will vary depending on what you want to get out of it. If you just need an all round boost, then go for the product with the highest nutrient values overall. If, however, you need to boost say vitamin B12 in your diet, then look for the brand with the highest B12 values and this could well be the best choice for you.

Top 10 Moringa Leaf Powders 1

Brendan McCann

I'm an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies). AEP ESSAM. Through my work I see the effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices on the body on a daily basis. Nutrition & exercise play such an important role in living a healthy life daily! Health care tip: Exercise shouldn’t be a chore- Make it fun!