Moringa: Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Benefits

Every new mother wants a healthy pregnancy with the best options for their baby. What if we told you we had a natural solution for vitamins, minerals, and healthy breastfeeding for your newborn baby? 

Moringa leaves come from an Indian tree by the name of the Miracle tree. The moringa leaves are used around the world as a nutritional supplement for holistic health. Medical professionals have used moringa for Ayurvedic practices for centuries, and consuming moringa powder during pregnancy has shown to be effective.

The properties of Moringa oleifera product have proven to include anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular benefits, antibacterial results, and cancer-fighting abilities. Moringa leaves are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential to human health.

Soon to be moms can benefit greatly from moringa and it’s healthy properties. Consuming moringa during pregnancy is a traditional natural ritual practiced all over the world. The super-food abilities and the abundance of nutrition offers a healthy natural alternative for supplements given during pregnancy.

Moringa And Pregnancy

happy pregnant woman drinking moringa capsule

Moringa is a healthy option for all stages of the perinatal process. Expecting mothers can benefit from Moringa’s effects on pregnancy during prenatal stages, pregnancy, and postpartum. It’s the perfect herb for every stage of the pregnancy journey! 

Prenatal- If you are trying to get pregnant, consider moringa as an add-on to healthy lifestyle practices. The properties of moringa can help support the reproductive systems with nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. 

Pregnancy – The rich nutrient profile of moringa makes it a healthy choice for mother and baby. Regularly consuming moringa can help pregnant women get their iron and calcium needs during pregnancy. Moringa is also a healthy way to get zinc, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium.

Postpartum: Even after having your baby, your body needs nutrients to provide breast milk and recover from childbirth. Moringa has been proven to help with producing breast milk. Moringa and breastfeeding go hand in hand.

Although some skeptics have negative opinions about moringa during pregnancy, none of these views have been proven to be true, but the benefits of moringa for breastfeeding and pregnancy have been proven and used by medical professionals. 

Moringa leaves are safe and beneficial, especially for pregnant women. The leaves are non-toxic, and just like any other supplement, they should not be taken in excess. When taken properly, moringa can be the best option as a multivitamin during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Benefits Of Moringa

baby sleeping after breastfeeding

Studies have made it more clear that moringa leaves can greatly improve breast milk production. Consuming moringa while breastfeeding in the form of leaves or pure moringa leaf powder can benefit pregnant women and women who are expecting to breastfeed. Moringa leaves have the power to stimulate breast milk and increase the amount of breast milk produced. 

There is a clear answer to the question “does moringa work as a lactation enhancer?” the answer is yes.

Moringa breastfeeding is a tradition heavily used in the Philippines and around the world. 

Moringa breast milk is rejuvenated by the vitamins and nutrients found in the leaf. Moringa leaves have 

been proven to stimulate the production of breast milk.

Studies have shown that women who used moringa or breast milk produced twice as much breast milk as women who did not consume moringa leaves. 

Moringa is acknowledged as one of the most nutrient-dense foods around the world, due to its richness in essential vitamins like iron, calcium, and vitamins A, E, & K. All of these vitamins and minerals are essential for expecting moms. A moringa pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy. 

It’s especially important for mothers who are breastfeeding to get the vitamins and minerals provided in moringa. Iron is essential for new mothers after losing blood during pregnancy. Moringa will help to increase iron levels for healthier breast milk. 

The benefits of moringa are essential for both mom and baby. Mom shares her calcium with the baby so it’s important to take in a lot of it. Calcium is essential for bone and teeth health for baby and mommy. Moringa’s rich Vitamin K property helps to prevent blood clotting during surgery and post-birth. 

If you hear the terms “mulunggay for breastfeeding” or “mulunggay capsule for breastfeeding”, these are just different ways of describing moringa. 

Skeptics that say moringa prevents pregnancy are highly mistaken. Moringa is safe during pregnancy.

If you’re asking yourself, is moringa safe for pregnancy? The answer is yes. Professionals have reported no known side effects of taking mulunggay capsules while breastfeeding and women are known to report benefits like increased energy and breast milk supply.

When taken properly, Moringa has been proven to be beneficial for all stages of pregnancy.

Moringa Breastfeeding Dosage

pregnant woman taking supplement capsules

As with any other nutritional supplement, when you’re using moringa for breast milk production, it’s important that you manage a healthy dosage. 

Studies have shown that one would need to consume over 3000 mg per kilogram of body weight for moringa to have a toxic effect. That would be really hard to do! But still, it’s important to take in the right amount of moringa.

If you’re using moringa capsules for breastfeeding you may want to consider reading the labels and doing some research before purchasing. Although saving money on low priced moringa products may seem appealing, be sure to consider the fact that companies have been known to sell sub-par products, especially during the boom of the vitamin and superfood age. Do your research before you purchase your moringa supplements, look for the right brand and invest in your health and the health of your baby. Consult your healthcare provider when you’re searching for the right moringa supplement. 

The benefits of moringa for pregnant women are endless. If you are trying to figure out how much moringa to use for breastfeeding, you should consult your physician. In a study of moringa capsules for breastfeeding, results showed that mothers who took two capsules of 250 mg of moringa daily produced more breast milk than those who did not. 

Taking moringa for pregnancy could be one of the smartest and most natural ways to increase breast milk production and maintain the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy. 


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